Thursday, July 14, 2011

The little princess- a few glimpses

The little princess turned 2 last month. The transformation has been nothing short of amazing. At the age of 2, kuttan was still struggling to say 'amma' and 'appa'. LP on the other hand has already started speaking sentences, quite effortlessly at that. A few moments to be stored for posterity:

1. The LP is quite a mamma's girl, unlike kuttan who prefers to stick to the husband like glue, so much so, that she follows me even to the bathroom - the place I go to hide myself for a few minutes to get some respite from the madness that is my life. Really, she is that chipkoo.

2. The princess and I provide entertainment galore to the people in the new apartment complex every evening. They see a little minx, nimble footed and slender, running so quick it seems her feet dont touch the ground, her laughter floating in the air, followed by a heavily overweight woman moving in a strangle mixture between a run and a waddle screaming her name, threatening to fall into an ignominous heap any minute.

3. Did I tell you one of the main reasons I wanted a girl was so that I could dress her up? Yes, that's how shallow I am. Now, however, having got one, it turns out she has a mind of her own and prefers to be dressed in her brother's hand-me-down pants and t-shirts rather than any of the fluffy frocks and frilly dresses I have painstakingly collected for her. We have major stand-offs whenever clips, hair bands or any embellishments of hair are to be worn and the entire household is involved in keeping her distracted while I pin those contraptions on her, which of course, are pulled off summarily the minute she figures out are there.

4. The kuttan is constantly embarrassed by his sister's antics and the poor guy is dreading the day when she will join him in school next year. When she monkeys around the playground and other children laugh at her, he comes and furiously whispers to me, 'Take her away!'. When that doesnt work, he goes and tries to draw the other children's attention away from her. It always, always ends up with him furiously stomping off homeward, muttering to himself, near tears.

5. The princess is turning to be as much of a fussy eater as that brother of hers - I am destined to struggle over meal plates with both my children I guess. The only difference is that she LOOOVEES sweets and can have any number of sweets at any time of the day. On days when nothing else works, I let her.

And so, that, in brief, is little princess at 2. Affectionate, naughty, impish, spirited, joyful, our own little minx. Our sunshine girl.


Poornima said...

She is a true sunshine girl!

forgottogrowup said...

many congrats to u..hope she had a good bday..:)..and btw you should write more frequently/...:)

Sumana said...

Happy birthday to LP. Have fun and much more little one.

BangaloreMom said...

Poornima: That she definitely is!
Forgottogrowup: Birthday was good...we didnt have a big party. I figured I'd wait till she starts asking for it. As for the frequency, the thought is definitely there.
Sumana: Thanks.

Aparna said...

So cute! And she already knows her own mind :) LoL on ur attempts to dress her up!

Sri said...

Happy birthday to the Little Princess!!:)

Even my daughter hates hair bands and clips..her hair is in a perpetual mess! She too comes with me to the loo! Fussy eating is her problem from Day 1..though she likes sweets, she wont eat them daily..

DesiMom said...

Nice blog!

BangaloreMom said...

Aparna: Knowing her own mind, unfortunately, does not translate into having any sense at all.

Sri: Glad to know I am not the only one who has company in the loo ;)

Desimom: Thanks!

Sucheta said...

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Gypsy Girl said...

Hi! OMG! You could be talking about my daughter and me! :) She's two and my son's four! Lovely post!

HarryPotter said...

Love'd the story..
Please watch "Little Soldiers" Movie if you ain't along with both children (I seen it in telugu...guess available in other south languages too)
May be the brother dilemma with a lil' sister you find apt n' enjoyable

Thanks & Regards

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