Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tales of puppy love

Let it be recorded here for posterity that kuttan has had his first taste of puppy love. Meaning to say that he has just found an ardent, faithful and extremely beautiful admirer in the opposite sex from his own class - let's call her S.

The conversation between us went like this...

Me: So what did you do in school today baby?
K: I played with S...
Amma, andha S enna chumma chumma kiss panra.. (S keeps kissing me)

The husband, deeply engrossed in the 'Classified' section of 'The Hindu' (we really, really believe in getting our money's worth) removes his nose out of the paper for the first time with a glimmer of interest in his eyes.

Me: Really? Why?
K: I don't know.

And the conversation is forgotten soon afterwards.

I went to pick him up from school in the afternoon and sure enough, as we get ready to leave, I see S hovering adoringly around him while my stupid, tasteless son is busy monkeying around with another boy. And then as we are just leaving, she helps him put on his shoes!! ( Whoa girl! Lesson one: Never, ever wear your heart on your sleeve.) Kuttan looks at me with the long suffering look of someone who's enduring something with great difficulty while I take in the sheer cuteness of the scene. And then she says bye with a nice, sweet kiss. My heart just melted and was in danger of puddling around my feet and what does my son do? Grimaces and wipes his face and nonchalantly walks off with me!!

The boy shows every sign of following in his father's footsteps...ah, well, another long story and one that I will probably never tell..:D