Monday, July 21, 2008

A chumma post

No, not the Hindi chumma. The Tamil one, meaning Just like that. And did you know that's not even an original Tamil word?

Anyway, I digress. I have not posted in sometime and have some(ok, ok) 1 anxious reader asking if things are ok. Thanks for asking, dear friend, and things are fine and dandy at the Bangalore household. It was a combination of sheer laziness and lethargy during weekdays and total head spinning craziness over the weekends that have kept me from posting. Some random updates:

It's been a month since Hubby's MBA classes started. To say that its changed our lives completely would be putting it too mildly.

When kuttan was born 3 and a half years ago, the whole family celebrated. The parents and in-laws were elated. Aunts and uncles rejoiced and friends called up to congratulate. Hubby and I, on the other hand, went about in a daze, not quite sure about what we were supposed to do with the little screaming, pooping bundle that I had, with ample help from the husband, brought into the world.

We looked at each other and did'nt say the words but might as well have shouted it out to each other. 'What the hell have we gotten ourselves into?' Kuttan was born on a MOnday and things continued on the same exhausting vein till I came home on Friday.

I came home on Friday morning. That night, on kuttan's first night home, we sent my parents packing upstairs. And then we switched off the lights in the living room and tuned to HBO to see 'Clear and Present Danger'. Ah, bliss!! I cannot tell you how liberating the feeling was. We can still have a life after all, we thought to ourselves, as we grinned at each other like idiots, as our infant son lay sleeping in the crib near us. See, our life has changed but our hallowed Friday ritual remains the same.

Things pretty much remained the same over the last few years as well. Come hell or high water, the Friday night was sacrosanct. A week ended. Two whole days to relax and look forward to. Satuday morning to lie in and wake up at, gasp!, a sinful 9 am! The schedule never varied. Dinner outside. Stop by at the DVD shop on the way back. Pore over the collection and argue over which movie to watch for HOURS. Finally, as a compromise, pick a movie that NEITHER of us like. Come home. Give kuttan his milk and make him sleep on the couch in the living room. Bring the beanbag over to the living room. Turn off the lights and switch on DVD...ah, bliss!! It was a rite of passage followed most faithfully. Until last month.

Well, all that has changed now. Hubby has classes on Friday morning and Saturday morning at the UnGodly hour of 8. To add insult to injury, he has tests and assignments that are, invariably due on Saturday. And thus, a much loved ritual came to a quiet end in the BM household in the past month.

But the hubby has a loooot of gyan to share on microeconomics and strategy to make up for the missed Friday nights...what a GREAT trade off, would'nt you call it?? Grrrr....It's taking sooo much out of me to play the part of the supportive wife I tell you!!


Swati said...

Hmm ..Its okay dear gain without pain :)

Mama - Mia said...


good to hears all well at BM's bengaluru ghar!! well almost! :p

am sure it is tiring, but afta MBA, perhaps there will be a sepearte TV room with a HUGE LCD tv and a bose music system!

the movie experience will just get better! :)



noon said...

Wow - BM - am mighty impressed you kept the Fri eve schedule for this long! How did you do it?! Amazing.
I can imagine how hard it must be to play the supportive role now...but am sure with time this too will become the norm - and before you know it he will be done and you guys can celebrate the zero time you will have then with two kids ;)

Cuckoo said...

Wow! My li'l one (well we call him kuttan too!) is 6 weeks old and there is no semblance of any routine several nights each week. But Button(his alternate name) is an angel some days.

Keep up being the good wife. Am sure the trafe off will pay off when Kuttan is much older.

Sangeetha said...

Hey BM, maybe u could join ur husband's MBA classes too. Maybe u could even hold hands in class. At least, u can sit next to him for sometime na...!!! :-)


Vidooshak said...

Dropped by to check out the "similarity" you mentioned in Mama-Mia's comments. OMG, the similarity is uncanny!

Even to the point of not dropping the DVD ritual, while the Cub sleeps peacefully through the explosions and the dances. Hmmm... no wonder he's become so violent. Must be all the subconscious "Kutte, main tera khoon pee jaunga" learning seeping into him.

Envy your hubby for managing to go back to sleep 3.5 years after becoming a dad!! More power and good luck to both of you ;-)

whatsisaname said...

Chumma post indeed lol
But seriously, if you managed to keep a schedule intact THIS long, I must learn a thing or two from you! Wow
and heres wishing your CHUMMA fridays back soon! :)

Anonymous said...

Yeap, I understand the situation you face. Its tough to say the least. So is atleast the saturday night ritual of watching a film, which interests neither of you continuing?

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