Monday, June 30, 2008

This one's for you, my love

I guess Yash Raj would never pay us a penny to make our love life into a movie. There is'nt any melodrama, any mush. There are no cute lines or fancy locales. There is no possibility of introducing lengthy, profound dialogues. As far as love stories go, ours was the simplest.

We met in college. We were both part of the college orchestra. He was 2 years my senior. I had a crush, he hid his very well. Both of us refused to talk about it till he had been placed through campus interviews and we did talk then only to awkwardly say, 'let's see, maybe...if everything works out in a couple of years' time' and left the rest unsaid. We were both too devoted to our families to be able to make a greater commitment than that at the said point of time.

To give our parents credit, they appreciated our restraint and gave us the go ahead. No questions asked. There were none to be asked, since we both belonged to the same religion, caste and sub-caste and were even related to each other in a very distant way. And we got married, 6 years ago, almost to the day.

And that's when the real love story began, and continues to this day. This is the man who knows all my deepest fears, my greatest sorrows. The man who opens the door to our apartment simply by recognising my footsteps on the corridor. The eternal giver. My rock who holds me patiently while I rant and rage at the world, my boss, my mother and mother-in-law and waits for the storm to pass. Who senses my tears falling quietly on the pillow and takes me in his arms even when he is sleeping. The man who knows when I am rambling on looking for advice and when I am grumbling only because I need somebody to listen and let me sort it out myself. The man who treats my family with respect and love even while they are driving me nuts.

The man I discuss EVERYTHING with, who always believes in me more than I believe in myself. I have seen him grow from a boy to a man. And what a man he has grown to be. My heart swells with pride at the way he has built our life, brick by brick, with love, understanding and empathy. And at the astounding amount of success he has met with at so young an age. And how he aspires for even more, just so that we can have the best.

And more than anything else, I love the father he is to my son. When kuttan looks at his father with total adoration in his eyes and I see it reflected in his father's eyes, I send out a little prayer of thanks to God Almighty. He, indeed, has made all my dreams come true and I could not possibly want for anything more.

I think my conversation with kuttan a couple of days ago sums it up aptly. So we were lying in bed and cuddling each other as Hubby was doing an assignment in the living room. 'Amma, Avya is my friend', he spoke up suddenly. 'Very good, Kanna.' 'But appa is your deepest friend and best friend, no?'. Yes, my love. My deepest and best friend. And the love of my life. A love that burns so bright that I'm consumed by it sometimes, and is so mellow that I bask in its warmth some other times. He's everything that I ever wanted.

As they say, we've only just started. The best is yet to come. Belated Happy anniversary darling.


Collection Of Stars said...

That was lovely BM.
And you are very very lucky to have found this kind of love :)
God bless. Wish you both a great life and happiness together :)

~nm said...

What a sweet post this is BM!

Wishing you such eternal love and happy times forever!

noon said...

BM girl! Congratulations and Happy anniversary to both of you! Wish you both many many more such happy ones and knock on wood a million times - for it is not often that a person can write a post like this about their spouse...all glowing! Both of you are blessed to have each other!

BTW - Don't you want to have not just two but ten kids with such a wonderful husband?! ;))

Also, I am forwarding this to Yash (yeah I know him very well :) ) Raj - I think he will take the next flight down to discuss details of the movie on your life now! :)

So - what are you doing to celebrate?

Compulsive Dreamer said...

All I can say is Wow! Wish you a very happy wedding anniversary once again! Hope whatever you have said in this post remain true for years and years to come...

Mama - Mia said...


got me all teary eyed and mushy hearted with this one!! :)

belated anniversary wishes and heres to many more to come!!!



Akshat said...

Lovely post... :)

Swati said...

Wow , thats the most loving and heartfelt post of recent times. What a love story :)

WhatsInAName said...

hey belated wishes :) and very very sweet story! I am sure it will be a winner... but dont sell it to Yashraj please. I vote for Aamir :)

Reflections said...

Oh so beautiful......

Vidooshak said...

drip. drip.

{that's how male tears sound}

i loved the astute dude's comments-- "deepest and best friend". Yup!

mummyjaan said...

Awww, that's beautifully written, Bangalore Mom. You're indeed lucky to have found such a great partner in life. Wish you many years of happiness together.

japinder said...

A "Wow!" came out by itself as I read through the post. Congratulations for your bliss! :-)