Monday, May 19, 2008

Jab We Met... rained conversation!!

What started as an idea in someone's mind just gained momentum till 8 bloggers from Bangalore and one from Mumbai who happened to be in town decided to meet on 16th. The venue was decided as Aargees home. Most of us decided to take the afternoon off.

I felt like a schoolkid being let out of school as I joined JLT outside her office and drove carefully behind her car as she led the way to Aargee's place. Had a brief stopover and picked up Abha and we were off.

We landed at Aargee's place and Poppins, COS, Swati and Compulsive Dreamer were already there. I was totally bowled over by what a gracious hostess Aargee was and how beautifully she managed to maintain her home inspite of having a toddler at home, full time.

As soon as we met, it was excited chatter and conversation flying all over the place with much laughter. Little Kiddo(Aargee's son) seemed to have a lot of fun with so many people around and made sure he broke all rules which he will not be allowed to break otherwise. :D. The gorgeous and very glamorous Kiran arrived later, after having been taken on a city tour by a kind taxi-driver and having been charged thrice the regular price for it!!

I will let you read about the individual impressions of the bloggers here, as beautifully summarised by Poppins.

What struck me was how a group of women of all shapes and sizes (well, all of them were gorgeous! I just added the extra dimension!), different professions and backgrounds all came together so beautifully and had such a riot!!

There was not even a moment of awakward silence as we went yapping away to glory. Every topic from work to relationships to child-rearing to labour was discussed thread-bare and without fear of offending or treading on the other's toes. I only hope we have not put off the only non-mommy blogger Compulsive Dreamer from mommyhood, with all our talk of labor and C-Sections and what not. But she seemed to take it in her stride rather well...

When we finally left at 4, I went back all the way home with a beatific smile on my face which left the husband mightily puzzled!!

It's been 6 years since I finished college and for the first time in that many years, I had the same, carefree, girlie-chatter fun that I used to have so long ago!!

Here's to more blogger meets!!

I can't wait for the next time!!


Swati said...

Nice post :)

Just Like That said...

Swati, poppins et tu-- I better hurry up with mine :-) truly it felt like we were bunking classes :-D

~nm said...

You are so funny! :D

All of you are writing about the meet and still each post is so different from the other!

Good to know you had tonnes of fun!

aargee said...

hey! nice update.

Collection Of Stars said...

You captured it perfectly :)
I have had this much fun after a looooong time. We should do it often.

Mama - Mia said...


i am not even gonna dare write about this!! you all have a done job of it already!! :D

really had a great time!! and yes we should do it more often!! and soon!!


Compulsive Dreamer said...

I agree with COS. We should do this more often

Orchid said...

hi there,
blog hopped from poppins mom to read more about ur meet.
i am a fellow mommy blogger, originally from b'lore now living in dallas :)..looks like you all had a great time!

Something to Say said...

and like I told Poppins... I hate you guys!! No one blogs in this sad country - and I dont get to meet women with whom I can chat away to glory....

Poppins said...

Nice. You write very well, have I told you that?

BangaloreMom said...

Swati: Thanks

JLT: I'm still WAITING, gal!!

~nm: Thanks!

Aargee, COS, Compulsive Dreamer and Mama-mia: Yup, yup, lets do it again! And soon!

Orchid: Welcome!! Have been reading you for sometime as well and was lazy to delurk. :D Sorry about that.

STS: :D Relocate to Bangalore!

Poppins: Thank you berry berry much!

Anonymous said...

Hi Blore mom,
Have been coming here for quite a while,but commenting for the 1st time.Am so 'J'.Am not a blogger,but I wish I was,after reading all the accounts!

Great blog..keep it going for blog readers like me!

Gazal said...


am a blogger from chaos city of us too met up recently....glad to know that you people had a great time.

keep writing