Monday, May 12, 2008

Are we nuts??

Two full-time jobs. A very active pre-schooler. A home. Sounds like a full life? Well, obviously the husband did'nt think so and has gone and enrolled himself for a part-time MBA in one of the most, hallowed management institutes in the country.

For the next two and a half years of our lives, bye- bye vacations. No Friday late-night movies. No Saturday morning lie-ins. No lazy brunches on Saturdays. No sending away the father-son duo on a purported bonding session(wink, wink) while I slouch around looking bleary-eyed and dumb. God help me...pray for me people!!

As for you, dear husband, congratulations!! Kuttan and I are very proud of you. I know you will handle this with the same cheerful irreverence and ease that you have handled every other challenge you met with..calm and composed on the outside, with a razor-sharp focus that I would kill to have and fools most people into thinking you're not serious on the inside.

Classes begin in June....Here's to new beginnings..


rags said...

Congratulations to bangalore-dad:-)

Just a question. How long did the whole process of applying to gettng admitted take?

Anonymous said...

Dear Wife,

Like Mohanlal in Iruvar 'Enakku Adukku mozhiyil pesa theriyadhu ana unmai pesa theriyum', I am proud of all the things you have done for me and kuttan and this wouldnt have been possible without you. Love you.


BangaloreMom said...

Hi Rags

I think he applied in December and wrote the entrance sometime in February. This is for the part-time course btw and not the full-time PGP program.

BangaloreMom said...

Hee hee...cheesy, dear husband but thanks anyways...:D

Just Like That said...

Awwww... guys, you're too cute. :-D

Congratulations, and here's keeping the fingers crossed that things are a smooth sail for the 3 of you.
Now BMom, all that would be needed to rock the boat further would be an addition to the family. Whaddya say? :-D u wanna rock bigtime while you're at it?;-)

BangaloreMom said...


Dont tempt me...remember, if I take u up on ur advice, I WILL come to you for babysitting at 2 in the morning and u will have only yourself to blame!!:)

B o o said...

Congrats to the Bangalore Family and what a cute comment from Him! :) dont worry, time will surely fly and before you blink, we will be congratualtiong you guys on his Graduation! ;) So keep blogging, ok?
This sure seems to be a happening time in the blog world. Pregnancies, Babies, Trips, MBAs, schools, jobs,...

Sangeetha said...

'R we nuts?'
- I am not sure abt that! :-)

But I would certainly say u guys r ambitious! Good luck!!!

noon said...

BM - adukku mozhiyil pesa theriyadha ungal kanavar asathi vittaar!

It's OK - three years from now - you can give a sweet father's day and graduation present for Bangalore dad - like I did for B last year - a sweet little baby girl! ;)

Am sure you guys will manage - hard as it is going to be on you!

Swati said... have done it..we dont have the courage..cannot imagine finding time in this full life for career plans...All the best ..needs a lot of patience for sure :-) We need to get inspired by you:)

BangaloreMom said...

Boo: Thanks. To tell you the truth, I wanted to get carried away by all the recent shower happenings and start the next big project of our life but hubby had other plans :). And will definitely continue to blog.

Sangeetha: I like to think I am ambitious. I even pretend that I am sometimes. But its actually hubby who has the big dreams. :) My job is to look suitably impressed and play second fiddle :D.

Noon: :D Thanks Hon! And yes, the 'dream' refuses to die down. Let's see what He has in store for us.

Swati: Thanks and please hold the bouquets till the classes actually start and I tell you how we are coping :D But I can tell you that if you put your mind to it, getting in is defiitely not a big deal.

AarKay said...

Hey Bangalore mom, What can I say...I guess your family and mine are sailing in the same boat....both parents working here too,little one (2.5 yr - son) goes to a creche and would be soon going to play school.And yes while wife is doing her best to cope up with work ,home and kiddo...I went ahead and did exactly what your hubby did....enrol for an executive time MBA from IIMI.Infact if he had attended the open house at IIMB then we have shared the same roof for 3 hours atleast till I was adequately scared and made a quick exit at around 1 PM.

BangaloreMom said...

Hey Aarkay

Hubby in fact DID attend the open house. Are you in section A or B? Looks like you guys are going to be classmates! Congrats to you and your wife and all they very best!!

AarKay said...

No maam, I am enrolled in the executive MBA of IIM Indore.I had just attended the open house of IIMB...classed already going on here,for me.BTW we too are Tam Brahms (Iyengars) and you sound very Kerala Iyer :-)

BangaloreMom said...

Hi Aarkay

That's too bad...was hoping you and hubby cud be chums..and yes I am a Kerala Iyer...hubby is as TamBrahm as they get though..:D

Poppins said...

Hey wow, that's so cool! Now now don't let that stop the baby plans though ;)

I loved what your husband wrote for you, *sigh* wish my hubby would do something like that :P

Just Like That said...

by now you know a swat would be all you would get, at 2 am. LOL!

Collection Of Stars said...

Hey! That was a cool comment from the calm and composed hubby :)
All the best to you all. I am sure you will cope very well :)

Aryan said...

wow..that was so nice..Congrats Banglaore dad..Good you are
and later Bangalore Mom should do start you GMAt studies now itself..