Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Crazy 8s

So kuttan was tagged by Aryan to confess his crazy 8s. So here goes:

8 things I am passionate about:

1. Snatching the phone from amma whenever she is talking to anyone ranging from grandmom to amma's irate client in New Zealand and talking their ear off for about half an hour. Throwing loud tantrums if I dont get the phone.

2.My Ice Age CD

3. Playing with Adarsh and Aarav and rushing out and opening the door if I so much as HEAR them outside.
4. Taking out my books and pretending to read them in a voice loud enough to wake the dead.

5. Music. I LOVE listening to music which ranges from MS' Ganesha Pancharatnam to the latest Shivaji Ballelakka.

6. The lastest song 'Bum Bum Bole' from Taare Zameen Par. I love singing this over and over and over again till amma's and appa's ears threaten to drop off.

7. Playing my baby drums and my toy guitar.

8. Using my water colors to paint the floor, the carpet, the sofa, the maid's ears..just about everything except for the painting book itself.

8 things that drive my mom crazy:

Are you sure I need to stop at 8? I think the number is closer to 80.

1. The way I defy all laws of nature by continuing to insist that I live on air. I mean, literally, going for days on end without food of ANY kind.

2. The way I bang my car all over the place and especially against amma's legs when she is slaving over the stove in the kitchen.

3.The way I HAVE to lay my hands on any piece of paper that comes into the household. It could be anything from a pamphlet to our apartment documents. I need to have them and say 'It's very important' and glower at amma as though she is in danger of tearing them all up at any minute.

4. The way I insist on getting off the potty every 10 secs to flush and then demand to be picked up and made to sit again.

5. The insanely long amount of time I take to chew my food.

6.The way I insist on staying awake till I make sure BOTH my parents are asleep before going to sleep myself. Now I cant trust them to be alone, unsupervised, can I?

7. The way I ask amma a thousand questions and keep on calling for her incessantly when she is doing something else. This really drives her up the wall.

8. She gets really mad if I try to express my creativity. Just the other day both amma and appa threw fits when they came back home and saw the painting I had made....

all over the wall...

Did I tell you we stay in a rented apartment?

8 things I say often:

1. Innikku school vendam (No school today please!)

2. Mammam porum(Enough food!!)

3. Innikku school la amma amma nnu azhudhen.( I cried asking for you in school today.)

4. This is very important. Ok?

5. Amma..amma...amma...incessantly repeated through the day.

6. Po..pesadhe....(Go..dont talk to me..)

7. Appa thittara( appa is scolding)

8. I ya you..roughly translated to ..I love you!!

8 books that I have read

1. Polar Bear, Polar Bear..what do you hear?

2. Good night stories

3. Panchatantra stories by Amar Chitra Katha

4. Good Manners book

5.Men at work book

6. Alphabet book

7. Ramayana

8.Numbers book.

8 songs that I like listening to over and over again:

1. Smart cookie

2. Ballelakka

3. Bum Bum Bole

4. Twinkle Twinkle

5. Ba Ba black sheep

6. ABCD...

7.Ten Little Monkeys

8.Ra Ra...

I tag anyone else who wants to take up this tag


Swati said...

Nice one ...they all are the same :D They cannot leave parents without supervision ..never

Compulsive Dreamer said...

Hey! you are tagged!

noon said...

Sweetie - enjoyed reading about you...You are quite the painter seems like! And you know what - if you continue to enjoy doing the things that drive mom crazy - then your dad will convince her not to give you a little sister to play with - so you watch out OK. Just pretend like you have become utterly chamathu - let them give you a little sis and then you can revert back to your old ways OK! :))
And darling I know what you mean about school! I feel that way too - not about me going - but about having to send KB to school eventually! :( Wish you guys could go together! :)
Your pal KB loves Ra Ra song as well. I should get him TZP CD - he may enjoy it too...
Thanks for this post Kuttan!
And seriously - HOW do you kids live in thin air? You don't feel huuuungry?

Aryan said...

"Innikku school la amma amma nnu azhudhen"..Don't cry Kuttan dear...
Even Aryan did the same today in his daycare..