Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Look...I am blogging!!!


The first time I heard of the concept of blogging was in the year 2001. I think it was all the rage and this friend of mine sent me his blog with his name on it and I remember being very impressed. After a few lame attempts at writing, and uploading a few of his favorite songs my friend gave up. I did not follow on the blogging phenomena after that till fairly recently. For the past few months now, I have been reading some VERY well written blogs. And I felt the urge to blog again. Whenever I thought of it before, I always would think ..What would I write about? I mean, my life is so regular. Just like thousands of other people living in the city. But then I realised that that in itself is a reason for me to attempt to reach out to a lot of people like me.

So here it starts. I think for most people like me, trying to balance the needs of a career, home and a child, there must be enough adventures to write about...at least once in a while.:) Hope you enjoy reading.


aargee said...

welcome to the blogging world... hope you have a nice time here

rk said...

hi BM,
have a great time blogging
will keep visiting often.
good luck

ps: you've been blogrolled.