Friday, December 11, 2009

Insightful conversations

With my delightful first born. Conversations which amaze me, make me laugh, make me think and errr...make me want to bang my head against a brick wall sometimes.

Conversation 1
Kuttan and I have stopped at a traffic light. Kuttan is chattering a mile a minute. A beggar woman comes to my side of the window, her palm containing a few coins, stretched beseechingly. I shake my head saying 'no'. Kuttan watches wide-eyed as she waits and walks away.

Kuttan: Amma, amma, why did'nt you take the money she was giving you??
Me: ????????

How many of us have ever thought of something like that? Out of the box, isnt it? ;)

Conversation 2

I am deep asleep on a cold saturday morning with kuttan next to me.

Kuttan: Amma, amma (pokes me awake)
Me(sleepily): Hmmmm?
Kuttan: (pointing to his book lying on the edge of the bed) Will that book make a noise if I push it off the bed?
Me: Yes
Kuttan: Will the princess wake up because of the noise?
Me: Yes
Kuttan: Will you be angry with me if she wakes up because of the noise?
Me: Yes

A pause while I drift to a dreamless sleep.

Kuttan: Amma, can I push it off anyways??
Me: (Gritting my teeth and calling myself ten kinds of a fool for ever having had a kid and then compounding it by having another one) NO
Kuttan: (in a small voice) Why?
Me: #@$#$%#$%$%$^@@@!!


Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Deep breathing ... thats the only suggestion I have :(

noon said...

Remember me girl?
:) Four years old?!! Just catching up with your posts. SO many new things. How is baby girl doing?
She looks so adorable in the photo.
How has Kuttan taken to the new teacher now? Congratulations on your new car. Howz the man doing? All smitten with the baby girl? And Kuttan? More about the two of them please!

Just Like That said...

LOLOL! kuttan's a RIOT! :-D

Primitive Lyric said...

I've been wandering into your blog from time to time!:) I'm a fellow b'lore mom and chennai-ite!:)
Really enjoyed your conversations with your son.

Mama - Mia said...

that was soo precious!!!

Kuttan is sure to keep us entertained often if you plan to blog regularly!! ;)


Anonymous said...


vandana said...

First time commenting in your blog..

read lots of post and each one sounds like every working mother goes through ..

I too think everyday of quitting my job though I am doing just part-time..

I had taken 9 months break after my baby was born and though I had time of my life then(to get a break when my baby was born was my ultimate dream) I just missed working too

ChoxBox said...