Monday, April 28, 2008

Little Boys will always grow to be men....

Scene 1:

Me driving the car while Hubby is in the passenger seat, for once, because he needs to get off first. He gives the word 'backseat driving' a whole new dimension. He is grimly hanging on to the seat and muttering 'Easy, let him pass' or 'Go slow!!' or 'Don't press the clutch ALL the time' totally oblivious to glares from me.

Scene 2:

Me driving and kuttan in the passenger seat. We are getting back from office and daycare respectively. I honk at an irritating auto guy who is driving bang on the middle of the road and refusing to let me pass. 'Amma, DRIVE SLOW!!' shouts kuttan...'Otherwise you'll hit the auto guy, ok?'

WTF????? Out of the mouth of babes.....


Swati said...

Men will be Men !! LOL!!!

Mama - Mia said...



Sangeetha said...

Lage Raho Kuttan-Bhai... :-))

Thank god, i have a baby-girl! She's on my side, whether i am rite or wrong! We both give her appa an earful :-)


Just Like That said...

LOL! Mine does that too...tho he does it to both of us.
Amma/Acha, you have to be careful!
Tho on occasion, he's been heard to also say -
that stupid man!doing bad things on the road!! elle?
this only for bad driving on the guy's part, not for doing other 'bad' things. LOL!

We do need to mind our language around him.